Pallathamkulangara Thalappoli 2012 Feb 21 to 28

Pallathamkulangara Thalappoli 2014 February 27-March 06 (1189 Kumbam 15-22) Kodiyettam Feb 27, Thalappoli March 03, vela March 4 & 5, Padayani and Thookkam March 06, Nada Thurappu March 12 Wednesday. For more Details and Offerings Contact: 0484-2506440 or +0091- 9400906440


OFFERINGS (VAZHIPADU) Pallathamkulangara (Pallathamkulangare) Bhagavathi Temple

May the blessings of  Pallathamkulangara Bhagavathi shower upon you*


For advance bookings of pooja and other offerings\ contributions  Cheques/ Drafts/ Money Orders drawn in favour
of "*Pallathamkulangara Bhagavathi Devaswom*" may be sent to the following address ('Prasadams’ shall be sent by post on request.)

The President,
Pallathamkulangara Bhagavathi Devaswom,
Kuzhuppilly, Ayyampilly P.O.Kerala, India.
PIN- 682501
Phone : 0484-2506440

(List of important offerings in
Pallathamkulangara Bhagavathi Temple)
Guruthi Pushpanjali- Rs.10.00
Raktha Pushpanjali- Rs.10.00
Chandana Pushpanjali- Rs.10.00
Bhagya Suktham- Rs.15.00
Aikamathya Suktham- Rs.15.00
Vidyamanthram- Rs.15.00
Sathru Samharam- Rs.15.00
Sahasranamam- Rs.15.00
Eshta Suktham- Rs.25.00
Saraswatha Manthram- Rs.25.00
Vivaha Suktham- Rs.25.00
Panthir Nazhi- Rs.1000.00
Ganapathi Homam- Rs.50.00
Bhagavathi Seva- Rs.60.00
Ashta Dravya Ganapathi Homam- Rs.150.00
Maha Mrithyunjaya Homam- Rs.8000.00
Adima Kidathal- Rs.25.00
Vivaham- Rs.200.00
Thali Pooja- Rs.101.00
Chooroonu- Rs.50.00
Thulabharam Thattu Samkhya- Rs.10.00
Appam (5 Nos)- Rs.15.00
Kadhali Pazham - `………
Ney Vilakku- Rs.10.00
Mala Charthal- Rs.10.00
Enna Vilakku- Rs.5.00
Vella Nivedyam- Rs.15.00
Koottu Payasam- Rs.40.00
Ney Payasam- Rs.50.00
Adhi Madhura Payasam- Rs.60.00
Kadum Payasam- Rs.70.00
Pizhinju Payasam- Rs.50.00
Paal Payasam- Rs.40.00
Ari Parra- Rs.80.00
Nel Parra- Rs.60.00
Malar Parra- Rs.40.00
Vahana Pooja- Rs.101.00
Thali Charthal- Rs.5.00
Pattu Charthal- Rs.5.00
Thalam Varavu- Rs.10.00
Nada Varavu Item- Rs.5.00
Kudu Nira- Rs.5.00
Charadu Japikkal- Rs.5.00
Offerings for which advance booking is needed
Nithya Pooja- Rs.160.00
Niramala- Rs.400.00
Chuttu Vilakku- Rs.1300.00
Chuttu Vilakku Cheruthu- Rs.150.00
Udhayasthamana Pooja- Rs.8500.00
Kalabham Charthal- Rs.7000.00
Chathursatham- Rs.8000.00