Pallathamkulangara Thalappoli 2012 Feb 21 to 28

Pallathamkulangara Thalappoli 2014 February 27-March 06 (1189 Kumbam 15-22) Kodiyettam Feb 27, Thalappoli March 03, vela March 4 & 5, Padayani and Thookkam March 06, Nada Thurappu March 12 Wednesday. For more Details and Offerings Contact: 0484-2506440 or +0091- 9400906440


PADAYANI- Pallathamkulangara (Pallathamkulangare)

‘Padayani’ literally means ‘joining for the battle’ is a ritual observed in connection with the ‘Thalappoli Mahothsavam’ in remembrance of the ‘Dharika’s fort in flames. It is performed at about 4 am in the day of ‘Bharani’. Dry palm leaves tied and erected like poles around the temple premises will be set in flames with the beating of drums then, the half burned poles collected together in front of the temple to form a great flare.